Tired of being Declined by Banks?
Why not Rent To Own A Car

In the Rent To Own A Car Program ,95 % of the cars we offer are repossessed cars

The banks store their repossessed cars in special warehouses around the country

These warehouses are owned by big market car distributors who enlist our services to help get the cars into the hands of people who can't get finance.

As you may have figured out by now,the car distributors make multiple profits on these cars. These cars were sold brand new to first owners who now defaulted on payments. Instead of auctioning the car it is more profitable to put it back on the road on a Rent To Own A Car program.

They however do not deal directly with the public. Our job is to source and verify potential renters and offer vehicles to them.

As such the process is hassle free and Credit check free. We are able to get the cars delivered or we give you authorization and documents to go and fetch your vehicle once your application is successful.

To qualify :

You need to earn a minimum of R9500 per month NETT

You also need to provide us the following documents

Copy of your ID
Copy of your Driver's license
Proof of Income
Proof of Residence

An Agreement Signing and Processing Fee of R4500 to R6500 is required from all successful applicants depending on what type of car you choose.

Email the to RentCarbile@zoho.com

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We are a Car and Equipment Dealership (RentCar Automobile a division of Buvhezi Trading) established in 2010. We came up with the Rent-To-Own option to help and assist anyone that is ITC/blacklisted.

Customers who cannot get Finance with other Institutions like the major Banks can now get any car of their choice provided they have a stable income and our requires agreement fee. Customers can apply and rent vehicles from us and have to apply and submit Fica documentation just for verification of identity

The Rent-To-Own option is different to a normal Bank application/approval procedure. Applications still go through the normal processes & requirements but no credit check is done. Customers rent the vehicle for 60 months (5 years).

After this period you take ownership of the vehicle. There will be no hidden costs or balloon payments, no residual

The customer must meet all requirements before we can approve the application. All customers are welcome to apply no matter what their ITC statuses are.

Approval rate is 100% should all the documents have been received and approved by Management.

RentCar Automobile offers a wide range of affordable rent to own car deals to ensure that we can help you get a car to get around in your area. We have partnered with various repossessed vehicles companies to allow you to “rent to own” our previously loved, off fleet vehicles so long as you can afford to pay on a monthly basis, we look only at affordability, so if you have a steady income you can drive and own your own car.

Please note that “rent to own” works differently to a credit agreement and for this reason it is easier to get behind the wheels of the vehicle you need to live your life and make a living.

How Our Rent to Own Car Deals Work:

At RentCar Automobile we go the extra mile to ensure that our rent to own car lease application process is as quick and easy as possible. Your first payment will be a minimum of R4999 non-refundable agreement processing fee. No deposit is required from you.

Your take home pay should be at least R9,500.

Why Choose RentCar Automobile for Your Next Rent to Own Car Lease Deal

– We offer a wide range of cars on our rent to own fleet.

– We buy our cars in bulk, this allows us to negotiate better deals with dealers – this allows us to push these savings onto our clients.

– We keep our overheads low – meaning that we can save our clients, even
more, money on our rent to own car lease deals.

– We offer some of the best rent to own car rental rates on the market.

– Our rent to buy car leasing application process is quick and easy

– You won’t find a quicker and easier rent to own car lease deal

Please note that rent to own is not a form of finance, and is not finance for blacklisted people and it is not finance for people under debt review. It is a simple rental format.

Call us and speak to one of our rent to own consultants about the ideal rent to own car lease deal for you.